Changes To The 2016 Lexus RX

Regarding the amount of affluence crossover SUVs, Lexus has a boastful plan that keeps the RX aloft the opposition. In 2014 alone, the Lexus RX out awash it’s actual rival, the BMW X5, and about surpassed all the BMW crossover models abutting with 107,690 units. Presently, with the 2016 Lexus RX 350 and 450h, the Japanese auto architect has added the stakes. The fourth era Lexus SUV has been adapted from grille to taillights and auto to rooftop.

Appearance and Styling

Since 1998, the RX has been accepted for its simple and costly ride with a apprehensive appearance. Making one all-inclusive jump the added way, Lexus has formed and shaped the alfresco of it’s a lot of accepted SUV to accord it a added active look. Acquiring some actualization from the NX 200t, the architecture accumulation included harder edges and folds – creating a added able-bodied appearance.

The a lot of apparent of changes is that of the cast Lexus arbor grille. This is one of the biggest, a lot of apparent grille outlines that the cast has utilized. It’s added all-encompassing and added pronounced; about accoutrement the vehicle’s foreground from bend to corner. Even the brume lights are acclimatized in a triangular-chasm streams down against the city and planes out against the artery ahead.

A bang attending at this car screams for absorption and will absolutely get what it demands. Curvilinear headlamps brighten the alley advanced and abode the now accepted bi-LED lights and alternative amateur L-shape-LED lights. Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) blow beneath the LED headlamps and abide of 18 alone LEDs and act as about-face indicators. One affair that will be harder to apprehension on the new RX is the even applicable headlamp washers that adumbrate out of afterimage if not in use.

The blacked-out C-pillars of the RX accord it a space-aged attending of a amphibian roof for the aboriginal time anytime apparent on a Lexus model. Doors on the new SUV accept been accomplished with a new SmartAccess handle with dabble lamps which provides beam to the arena beneath for cartage entering the vehicle. New colors (Caviar, Autumn Shimmer, and Nightfall Mica) canvas the crossover and affection a scratch-resistant self-restoring covering in the physique paint. This new coating, application a high-performance macromolecular polymer, abide scratches from fingernails about the aperture handles and enhances the appearance and blush of the acrylic over a continued aeon of time.


The fourth-generation, 2016 Lexus RX 350 accustomed added than a corrective makeover. What Lexus has put into the new vehicle’s drivetrain will accept manufacturers continuing to hunt this SUV, both on and off the road. A new engine build, transmission, and abeyance highlight some of the new changes in the 2016 RX.

Staying accurate to the antecedent generation, Lexus admiral the RX with a 3.5-Liter, V-6 engine. Of course, this new SUV with it’s able-bodied and advancing administration couldn’t just accept a displace of the antecedent RX’s engine. Moving from a multi-port ammunition bang arrangement to a absolute bang ammunition arrangement brings an added affection exhausted to the new RX in both achievement and ammunition efficiency. Providing 295-horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque, the 2016 Lexus RX achieves 2-mpg added than it’s antecedent on both front-wheel and all-wheel drive models.


While the accomplished bearing RX offered an attainable 8-speed manual (on F-game models), every one of the 2016 RX 350 models will highlight a acknowledging 8-speed transmission. The added apparatus in this manual action bigger ammunition mileage, a harder bite off the line, and added arresting casual ability over the fourth-gen RX. The RX 450h will abide to get a CVT transmission.


Using high-tech physique adhesives and laser spiral adjustment the structural candor and all-embracing acerbity has been added in the 2016 crossover. A new action alleged “annular anatomy construction” was implemented for adequate anatomy sections aural the car about the foreground and rear doors. High-tensile backbone animate is acclimated in key areas such as the underbody cantankerous associates both A and B-pillars. These enhancements advice access administration and addressee aegis while allowance accumulate the berth quieter.


The RX’s front-strut and rear double-wishbone abeyance arrangement has been optimized to accommodate greater council acknowledgment and ride comfort. Foreground and rear abeyance antithesis enhances ride achievement and quality. Modification of the vehicle’s engine mounts and an access of acerbity in the foreground amplitude bars, foreground axle, and hub bearings change the driver’s experience, giving them added council feedback. Additionally, annoy anchor and absorption were afflicted acceptance the RX to acknowledge added crisply and enhance all-embracing agility. Adaptive Variable Abeyance (AVS) is now accessible as a exceptional option. AVS changes the damping armament according to alley altitude and even responds to acceleration, steering, or braking; added acceptable ride quality.


To accord added allegiance and responsiveness, the RX’s council arrangement was aswell modified. The newest Electric Ability Council (EPS) administration arrangement was adopted for added ascendancy ambit or antecedent steer, return-steer and cornering. Drivers can accept a ablaze and adequate council feel or acuminate acknowledgment and feel “on the fly” with by application the now accessible Drive Mode Select system.

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